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Contractor Forum Rules - MUST READ

You must read and agree to these rules before using the forum. It is important to understand that the forum cannot be used by DIY or any company with a financial interest in being part of the forum.

ContractorForum.co.uk Forum Rules

You must read and agree to the following rules before using this forum. The rules have been put in place to make sure the browsing experience for all members is a pleasant one. If at any time you would like to report a member of the forum for breaking any of the rules, then please contact one of the staff and we will take action if required. All complaints are taken seriously, and will be strictly kept between you and the staff members.

User Account Rules

- Only one account per member is allowed.
- No DIY accounts are allowed.
- Commercial accounts can be granted on request. Any found that just register without asking beforehand will be removed fully.

Profile and Signature Rules

- Signatures are allowed, but please only link to your own tradesman website.
- No linking to commercial websites or online stores in signatures.
- Make sure your profile doesn't offend anybody, no animated avatars or profile pictures, no swearing, etc

Forum Posting Rules

- Check forum categories for forum specific rules before posting in them. IF there are forum-specific rules, there will be a sticky thread at the top of the forum.

Fellow Members & Swearing / Insulting

- Only swear in the contractors cafe. Swearing in any publicly-viewable forum is not allowed as minors could be browsing the forum from time to time.
- Anybody found to be swearing or insulting fellow members will have 2 warnings and then have their account removed or restricted.

Forum rules last updated 12/04/2013 - Rules can change without prior notice. Please ensure you keep refreshed about the rules from time to time.

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